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 Treatment on a historic working ranch

 Serving teens between the ages of 12-17

 Accept both male and female students

 Enrollment anytime you need it-365 days a year

 Amazing personal attention with space capped at 21 students

 Keeping our students safe by being highly selective of the families that are accepted

 Customized length of stay

 Exceptional substance abuse counseling


Kurt Hahn is credited as saying “students need to feel needed to feel empowered.” Our students know they are needed as they become essential participants in helping the ranch function. The beauty of it all is that these aren’t meaningless tasks that someone made up so that kids will stay busy and out of trouble. This isn’t an artificial environment set up to manipulate change from teens. This is real life! The daily chores and responsibilities are activities that MUST be accomplished or the ranch dies. Our students definitely feel needed, then empowered, which in turn grows their self-esteem.

The ranch also provides wonderful opportunities to learn work ethic. It helps adolescents get away from any sense of entitlement as they begin to truly appreciate what they may have taken for granted in life. The ranch helps teens learn to work together to accomplish tasks. The animals provide many therapeutic opportunities to help your teen learn as well.

We have seen the ranch setting work miracles in the past and believe it to be one of the most effective tools you will ever find to help families and teens.


2. Concept House Health Systems, Miami, Florida

Serving the residents of county since 1970 Concept Health Systems (CHS) is CARF accredited not for profit community based behavioral healthcare agency.

CHS provides in-patient services for adults with substance abuse, mental health and co-occurring disorders. This program incorporates Restorative Yoga, Art, Music and other therapeutic interventions to assist in a patient’s recovery.

CHS provides outpatient services to adults and adolescents, and offers the only mono-lingual Spanish speaking outpatient program in South Florida.  The agency operates a number of Evidence Bases Prevention and Intervention Programs that focus on the high risk behaviors of middle and high school adolescents. CHS is active in all areas of the Criminal Justice System including Drug court, Dependency Court, Marchman Act Mental Health Court, probation departments and other alternative to incarceration programs.  

3. Advanced Care Physicians Group Seminole, FL
Outpatient; Pre-trial Intervention

This Outpatient Medical Detox is very specific ~~~ Alcohol and Opiates (natural and synthetic collectively known as opioids). We utilize a multidisciplinary and multi-specialty practice approach that provides State-of-the-Art-Care. Our goal is to set the standard for quality of care for men and women suffering from addictive diseases. Our program is designed to provide patients with not only traditional modalities such as individual, group, and family therapy, but also an opportunity for patients to express thoughts through holistic modalities to obtain lifelong behavioral modification, and should not be viewed as a short-term goal or a quick fix.

Our treatment approaches include medication assisted treatment, MAT, Therapy/Counseling, Nutrition, Manual Medicine.; infectious diseases correlated with substance abuse such as Hep C, and HIV.

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​ 1-3 weeks Clinical Residency

1. KW Legacy Ranch, NV Adolescent Stages of Change Program 

(May include room & board)

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